9 Natural Home Remedies For Snake Bite On Humans That Work (2022)

Updated: 08/09/2019


  • What Is A Snake Bite?
  • What Are The Venom Of Snakes?
  • What Happens When Being Bitted?
  • Symptoms Of Snake Bites
  • Who Is At High Risk?
  • When To See A Doctor?
  • Home Remedies For Snake Bite

Snake bite is a term that refers to situations in which humans are attacked by snakes. Usually, snakes do not attack humans unless they are startled or injured. Except for the giant pythons, snakes without venom are not a threat to humans. However, the damage caused by the snake is a high risk of infection if not properly treated.

If you want to equip yourself with essential knowledge about snakebite treatment, or you are in this dangerous situation, this article is for you. Home remedies that are safe and effective will be presented in a very understandable way. But first, let’s find out more about snake bites. You may have not known all of the following useful information.

 What Is A Snake Bite?

In general, most snakes try to avoid contact with humans. Snake cobras may actively attack humans, but in fact, most snake bites happen when humans actively capturing or teasing them (accidentally or intentionally making the snake feel threatened).

Recently, on the media continuously published information about deaths from snake venom. People who are bitten by poisonous snakes that do not keep calm to handle will lead to fatal danger in a short time. The bites of non-venomous snakes are usually harmless because their teeth are not designed to tear or cause deep wounds, but to capture. However, there is the possibility of tissue damage and infection from non-venomous solid bites. Although snakebite deaths are not so common, venomous snakes are potentially much more dangerous to humans. Bites caused by poisonous snakes, though not fatal, may still result in amputation of a leg or hand[1].

Of the 725 species of snake venom worldwide, only about 250 species may kill humans with a single bite. There is no accurate report of a case where humans are bitten by yellow snakes, but they are more deadly to humans than any other snake in North and South America.

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9 Natural Home Remedies For Snake Bite On Humans That Work (1)

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 What Are The Venom Of Snakes?

Snake venom is a gland containing venomous poison. Venom, like other salivary secretions, is a pre-digestive substance that converts food into soluble compounds and aids digestion. This is a powerful attack or defense weapon of snakes.

Snake venom is a complex mixture of proteins and peptides[2] and is stored in poisonous glands in the back of the head. In all venomous snakes, these glands flow through the ducts into the empty teeth or teeth in the upper jaw. These proteins may be a mixture of neurotoxins (attacking the nervous system), hemotoxins (attacking the circulatory system), cellular toxins, bungarotoxin, and many other toxins that affect the human body in different ways.

Nearly all snake species contain hyaluronidase, an enzyme that assists the rapid diffusion of venom. Snakes using hemotoxins usually has venom in front of the mouth, making it easier to inject into the victim.

The time after rainy days is favorable conditions for poisonous snakes to operate. Snake bite may occur when the victim is working, gardening, or even travelling. In most cases, people are victims of green snakes or cobras.

 What Happens When Venom Of Snake Dissolves Into Human Blood?

Dr. Terence M. Davidson of the University of California, San Francisco Department of Medicine describes: “When a drop of snake venom dissolves into the blood, in just a few seconds the blood will clot tightly.” In addition to the confused blood circulation in the body, snake venom causes acute kidney failure, swelling of the eyelid, difficulty speaking, and weak body.

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Snake venom is a deadly weapon that robs the lives of tens of thousands of people every year. But the most unexpected thing is that snake venom is useful in the preparation of many remedies to save a lot of people. Yonchol Shin, a professor at Kogakuin University in Japan, wrote about the snake venom in Science Daily that some hormones in snake venom may activate platelets. So, what we have to do is to determine the non-toxic factors and use them for other diseases.

 What Are The Common Symptoms Of Snake Bites?

When being bitten by non-poisonous snakes, you may notice some of the following symptoms:

  • The body does not have any reactions.
  • Look at the bite, you will see two teeth with small dots, arc-shaped, and especially no canines.

When bitten by poisonous snakes, you may get these symptoms:

  • Pain
  • Vertigo
  • Red, swollen, and bruised bite. This condition may also spread to the surrounding area
  • Nausea, followed by vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Skin rashes
  • Swollen lips, tongue, and gums
  • Shortness of breath or wheezing (similar to asthma)
  • Spiritual confusion, dizziness or fainting
  • Uneven heartbeat

Colubridae-type snakes such as cobra have neurotoxins. When being bitten by these snakes, your body will have some manifestations such as[3]:

  • Not too painful but paralyzed bite
  • Fatigue, sleepiness
  • Hiccups, vomiting
  • Weak pulse, low blood pressure
  • Shortness of breath, coma, and death after 6 hours

Green snake (Vipéridae) contains hemorrhoids; it may cause you the following symptoms when being bitten[3]:

  • Severe pain in the bitten area
  • Bruising and swelling
  • After 30 minutes to 1 hour, you may have problems such as nausea, vascular fastness, hypotension, and fainting.
 When To See A Doctor?

After you have a snake bite, you need to perform first aid measures[4], and then quickly see your doctor for examination and treatment within the first 4 hours. Try to determine the snake species, color, size, head shape, and the way to attack this snake if possible. This will help your doctor a lot.

Above is some essential information about snake bite. You are probably thinking about ways to treat this condition as soon as possible. Don’t rush. Here is the answer for you. Below, we will present you some of the safest and most effective home remedies for snake bite. Let’s have a look!

 Top 9 Natural Home Remedies For Snake Bite On HumansThat Work Effectively

 1. Lavender Oil

9 Natural Home Remedies For Snake Bite On Humans That Work (2)

Feeling anxiety and stress is universal after getting a snake bite. Applying several drops of lavender essential oil behind your ears will help you feel calm[5] [6] and stabilize your heartbeat. This is a vital step because the more stressed and nervous you are, the faster your heart beats and the faster the toxins spread through your body. It may also soothe your stomach and circulatory system. Furthermore, lavender oil helps numb the pain[7] and neutralize the poison. Thus, you should have it as a handy thing when in a snake-prone area.

You can make use of lavender oil by applying it directly to the affected area or behind your ears.

2. First Aid

The first aid plays a vital role in protecting a person from serious consequences of snake bites[8], please follow these steps to ensure your safety when you are bitten by a snake, either poisonous or not.


  • Remove Clothing And Jewelry

The affected area may swell rapidly, so cut or remove clothing near the bite. At the same time, remove all jewelry in this area. If not removed before the bite swells, these objects may block blood vessels and worsens the situation.

  • Let The Wound Bleeding

Let the bite bleed freely for about thirty seconds. This process will allow some venom to flow out of the wound. At first, the blood flows pretty much because the venom usually contains an anticoagulant. If the bite is so deep that you are bleeding a lot, you should quickly apply a force to the wound.

  • Use Suction

It would be better to try to suck out the venom, but only if you have special tools. Suction often comes with a manual, but basically, you need to place its straws above the bite to suck the venom out.

  • Place A Clean Bandage Over The Wound

Do not use water to wash the wound, as it may remove all the snake venom on your skin, which is essential to identify the type of snake that bites you.

  • Check The Signs

A possible symptom of snake bite is shocking. If they are shocked, they become weak and faint. Other symptoms include rapid heart rate, shortness of breath, nausea, and dizziness. If a person is shocked, let him lie down, and lift his feet to at least 30 cm. At the same time, keep his body warm. Quickly perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation if he has no signs of life, such as breathing, coughing, or movement.

  • Keep the wound under the heart level

This will help to slow down the flow of infected blood to the heart and other organs in the body. If possible, you should make a brace yourself to keep the area around the bite fixed. Use a stick or board to tie to one side of the bite. If the wound is too swollen, you need to reduce the pressure on the brace.

3. Echinacea

9 Natural Home Remedies For Snake Bite On Humans That Work (3)

Echinacea is considered a wonderful herbal ingredients for snake bite relief because it is a powerful immune system booster[9], anti-inflammatory agents, and pain reliever. It has antibody response to venom[10], may fight against infections and heal wound fast.

According to research, echinacea purpurea root extract could decrease the regulatory T-cell numbers and functions, thereby promoting immune system functions.

But, talk to your doctor before taking an echinacea supplement because it might interact with prescribed medications (if any).

4. Activated Charcoal

People who are going to enter snake-prone areas should carry some activated charcoal. This ingredient will help to absorb the poison[11][12]and reduce pain and swelling caused by a snake bite within 10 minutes only.

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  • Take 1 teaspoon of activated charcoal powder and make it damp with water.
  • Apply it directly to your affected area.
  • This will help soak up the venom or saliva left behind the bite, making you recover faster.
5. Tea Tree Oil

After being bitten by a snake, you need to cleanse the bitten area thoroughly. Therefore, use a natural antibacterial cleanser[13], such as tea tree oil to wash your skin. Then, use a clean and dry bandage to wrap gently.

If you are bitten by a rattlesnake, coral snake or copperhead, or water moccasin, then call 911 for directions.

6. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil, with its medicinal properties, may fight off bacteria, parasites, and viruses[14]. It has been shown to support the healing of wounds[15]. You can apply a small amount of coconut oil to the affected area and use a bandage to wrap up.

7. Mongoose Plant

Mongoose plant is a renowned natural treatment when it comes to home remedies for snake bite as it may neutralize and dilute the poison spreading through your bloodstream[16]. Thus, your body will not be harmed. Mongoose plant is predominantly found in the areas around South-Asia.

You can make use of the flowers as well as leaves of this plant by mixing with some water and then apply it to your affected area.

Alternatively, you can boil mongoose leaves in water and have it to flush out toxins and neutralize the venom.

8. Plantain Leaves

It is found in the wild that plantain leaves are very effective in treating snake bites. This herb is readily available, and you can always bring a tincture of plantain leaves with you. They are considered one of the most helpful home remedies for snake bite due to its healing compound, which may naturally draw out the snake venom from your body. Besides, antibacterial and antioxidant properties of the leaves[17] also contribute to lowering the inflammation and pain associated with a snake bite.

9. Turmeric

After being bitten by a snake, you might feel pain and other possible adverse effects for a few days, weeks, or even months. Thus, taking advantage of high-quality turmeric supplements and adding fresh turmeric to your daily diet may help you ease the pain and decrease inflammation thanks to its rich content of curcumin[18][19]. Nonetheless, in case the bite is from a venomous snake, you need to consult your doctor before taking any supplements because some kinds of snake venom may cause blood coagulation[20].

Tips & Precautions

What to avoid if you are bitten by a snake:

  • Do not split or cut the wound. Many people think that splitting the wound may help release venom. However, it is proved that this method does not work and you may get an infection if you use a dirty knife.
  • Do not use your mouth to suck the wound. When you suck the wound with your mouth, the venom may enter your mouth and cause serious health effects. Also, your mouth has a lot of bacteria, so this may cause the bite to become infected.
  • Do not apply ice or soak the wound in water. Maintaining tissue that has not been injured for as long as possible is very important. Using ice or water does not support this because it reduces blood circulation. A cold compress may minimize the flow of blood, causing the venom to build up in your tissues and ruin them.
  • Do not urinate on the bite. This idea is as silly as its name. Many people think that urinating on the bite will help neutralize the toxins. In fact, urine does not help in this situation.
  • Do not use electric shock guns to treat a snake bite. They may harm you and have not been proven to work.

Follow the wound care guidelines when you go home. Things may not stop there. There are still many things that you need to care about. When you return home, the most important thing is to keep the wound clean and closed, and follow the medical care instructions. For example, you need to know how often to change the dressing, how to clean the wound (usually with soap and warm water), and how to identify the infection. Signs of infection include swelling, pain, redness, fluid, and heat in the infection or fever. If you have any of the above symptoms at the bite, call your doctor right away.

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Ways to avoid snake bites:

  • If you see a snake, do not touch it. Please slowly step away from it.
  • Never put your hands or feet in a pit without checking if there is a snake.
  • Wear climbing shoes instead of sandals to protect your feet.

Above are some time-tested home remedies for snake bite that you can apply in urgent situations. Choose some of them and alternate them in your treating to see how effective they are. If you have any contributing ideas about our article, do not hesitate to drop your words below this post. We will answer as soon as we could.

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Which herb can cure snake bite? ›

However, scientists have recently validated some local plant as herbal medicines for snakebite management. Top on the list are: English wild custard apple (Annona senegalensis), Velvet bean or Cowhage (Mucuna pruriens), Turmeric (Curcuma longa), Plantain (Musa paradiasica).

Which plant is used for snake bite? ›

Genera with the highest number of species used to treat snakebite were Piper, Aristolochia, Hamelia, Ipomoea, Passiflora and Peperomia.

How do you draw poison out of a snake bite? ›

Baking soda: After cutting the wound and sucking out the poison, apply moistened baking soda. Keep the baking soda moist for several hours. Chloride of Lime: Bathe the wound immediately and freely with two tablespoons of chloride of lime mixed with a half pint of water.

Can you make your own antivenom? ›

How To Make Antivenom – YouTube

Is there a natural anti venom? ›

Species with global reports of tested antivenom activity included Allium cepa, Allium sativum, Basella alba, Capparis tomentosa, Carica papaya, Cassia occidentalis, Jatropa carcus, Vernonia cinereal, Bidens pilosa, Hoslundia opposita, Maytensus senegalensis, Securinega virosa, and Solanum incanum.

What herbs are in antivenom? ›

Species with global reports of tested antivenom activity included Allium cepa, Allium sativum, Basella alba, Capparis tomentosa, Carica papaya, Cassia occidentalis, Jatropa carcus, Vernonia cinereal, Bidens pilosa, Hoslundia opposita, Maytensus senegalensis, Securinega virosa, and Solanum incanum.

What did Native Americans use for snake bite? ›

Native American tribes, including the Maidu and Shasta in the north, used shamanistic rituals to prevent and heal rattlesnake bites, employing everything from powdered roots and leaves to using their mouths to suck out the poison–a technique widely recommended until recently by physicians for removing venom.

What is the best treatment for snake bite? ›

Treatment for snakebites
  • Wash the bite with soap and water.
  • Keep the bitten area still and lower than the heart.
  • Cover the area with a clean, cool compress or a moist dressing to ease swelling and discomfort.
  • Monitor breathing and heart rate.
  • Remove all rings, watches, and constrictive clothing, in case of swelling.

What is the first aid of snake bite? ›

Protect the Person

Keep the person calm and at rest, remaining as still as possible to keep venom from spreading. Cover the wound with loose, sterile bandage. Remove any jewelry from the area that was bitten. Remove shoes if the leg or foot was bitten.

Does black stone cure snake bite? ›

The World Health Organization is very clear in stating that it has no effect on snake-bites, bearing in mind that most snake-bites are from non-venomous snakes. They state that traditional medicines and other treatments such as wound incision or excision, suction, or application of “black stones” should be avoided.

How long does snake venom stay in your system? ›

The amount of time it takes to completely recover depends on the kind of snake bite. In most cases, children can recover from a bite from an adder in one to two weeks. Most adults take more than three weeks, but 25% of patients need anywhere from one to nine months.

Does Olive Oil Help snake bites? ›

Bind the spot above the bite as tightly as possible and scarify the wound. Someone should suck the bite, first rinsing their mouth with olive oil, or with wine and olive oil, and then suck. He should smear his lips with olive oil and then suck […]. One should apply simple or compound remedies to the site of the bite.

Does boiling water get rid of snake venom? ›

Research has shown that boiling for 30 minutes and dissolving venom in both acidic and basic solutions to a pH range of 1 to 11, respectively, did not significantly change LD50 levels after administration in rats.

How do people survive snake bites without antivenom? ›

  1. Move beyond the snake’s striking distance.
  2. Remain still and calm to help slow the spread of venom.
  3. Remove jewelry and tight clothing before you start to swell.
  4. Position yourself, if possible, so that the bite is at or below the level of your heart.
  5. Clean the wound with soap and water.

What is an anti venom drink? ›

Anti Venom is a cocktail of WKD Berry, Peach Schnapps & Pineapple flavour.

How were snake bites treated in the 1800s? ›

At first even more popular than ammonia, this highly toxic plant-based poison was blamed for killing more patients than it saved. Yet by far the most popular colonial remedy, both with practitioners and patients, was drinking copious quantities of alcohol, especially brandy.

How did cowboys treat snake bites? ›

There is little doubt that alcohol poisoning, rather than venom, was the cause of death in many snakebite victims on the Kansas frontier. In four newspaper accounts, whiskey was the only remedy used. In eight other instances, it was used in combi- nation with other procedures.

Which plant is considered to be an antidote for cobra bite? ›

Hemidesmus indicus (L.) R. Br. Root paste is applied as an antidote to snakebite by the tribals of Purulia district, West Bengal, India (Chakraborty and Bhattacharjee, 2006) while Korku community of central India uses pounded roots (Kadel and Jain, 2008).

Should you cut open a snake bite? ›

Washing the snake bite site can wash off venom that the hospital staff may be able to use to identify the type of snake that bit you. You should also keep clothing from around the bite site, because additional movement can cause venom to more readily move into the blood stream. Do not suck or cut the bite area.

What herbs are in antivenom? ›

Species with global reports of tested antivenom activity included Allium cepa, Allium sativum, Basella alba, Capparis tomentosa, Carica papaya, Cassia occidentalis, Jatropa carcus, Vernonia cinereal, Bidens pilosa, Hoslundia opposita, Maytensus senegalensis, Securinega virosa, and Solanum incanum.

Which plant is considered to be an antidote for cobra bite? ›

Hemidesmus indicus (L.) R. Br. Root paste is applied as an antidote to snakebite by the tribals of Purulia district, West Bengal, India (Chakraborty and Bhattacharjee, 2006) while Korku community of central India uses pounded roots (Kadel and Jain, 2008).

How do you use echinacea for snake bites? ›

Dosage: For snake bites, I drink one teaspoon of tincture in 6 oz. of water, about every 2 hours, or more as needed. I also apply a saturated bandage and keep it moist for at least 12 hours, or until symptoms have passed, and rest. For a bitten pet, saturate the fur and give a little internally.

Is there a medicine for snake bite How is it made? ›

Laboratories use extracted snake venom to produce antivenom, which is often the only effective treatment for potentially fatal snakebites.

How do you treat a snake bite without antivenom? ›

Treatment: First Aid

Keep the area of the bite below the heart to keep venom from spreading. Keep the person as still as possible to keep venom from spreading. Cover the bite loosely with a clean, dry bandage. Help the person stay calm to prevent shock.

What did Indians use for snake bite? ›

Native American tribes, including the Maidu and Shasta in the north, used shamanistic rituals to prevent and heal rattlesnake bites, employing everything from powdered roots and leaves to using their mouths to suck out the poison–a technique widely recommended until recently by physicians for removing venom.

What is the best treatment for snake bite? ›

Treatment for snakebites
  • Wash the bite with soap and water.
  • Keep the bitten area still and lower than the heart.
  • Cover the area with a clean, cool compress or a moist dressing to ease swelling and discomfort.
  • Monitor breathing and heart rate.
  • Remove all rings, watches, and constrictive clothing, in case of swelling.

Is there a medicine for snake bite How is it made Class 5? ›

Ans- There is a medicine for snake bite. The medicine is made from the snake’s poison and is available in all government hospitals.

How long does snake venom stay active? ›

Response to antivenom is dramatic and rapid. Neurotoxic signs may improve within 30 minutes but usually take several hours. Spontaneous systemic bleeding usually stops within 15 – 30 minutes and blood coagulability is restored within 6 hours of antivenom provided a neutralizing dose has been given.

Can you survive a copperhead bite without treatment? ›

Bites are not usually life-threatening, but if bitten you should always seek medical attention. These snakes produce hemotoxic venom, which affects the immediate area around the bite and causes painful but usually temporary tissue damage.

What to do after being bitten by a copperhead? ›

  1. Move beyond the snake’s striking distance.
  2. Remain still and calm to help slow the spread of venom.
  3. Remove jewelry and tight clothing before you start to swell.
  4. Position yourself, if possible, so that the bite is at or below the level of your heart.
  5. Clean the wound with soap and water.

Snake bites create fear and panic to victims and most of. people didn’t know how to handle the situation, Today I will show you some. natural home remedies that can be used to remove or detoxify snake venom in. human body as soon as you have snake bites.. There arefour principal types of. venom that have been identified depending on the snake species.. Venomous snakes. may inject a mix of several types of venom (Zootoxins), with each venom type. acting differently in the victim.. About 25% of victims will endure. severe muscle and kidney damage, in some cases can cause muscle necrosis, the death. of cells and tissue.. This method is effective for the first 24 hours so should be applied. immediately after the snake has bitten.. It can be applied topically and. also taken orally every 6 hours to help in treating the bites and neutralize. the effect of the venom.

Snake bites are no minor problem, but some snake bites are more dangerous than others.. When you get a snake bite by any snake, you should see a doctor.. However, sometimes there are complications, and that’s why you should see a doctor even if you are bitten by a non-venomous snake.. One way to stop the bleeding is to apply pressure to your wound.. After you stop bleeding, make sure to clean out your wound .. Once you are down cleaning out your snake bite wound you can apply a small layer of aloe vera gel .. Like rubbing alcohol, you should only use aloe vera gel if you have a shallow wound; aloe vera can also make deep wounds take longer to heal.. Once you apply the aloe vera gel, or any other antibiotic cream, on your wound it is important to bandage yourself up.. Once you have bandaged your wound, see a doctor to make sure that there are no complications.. If you are bitten by a venomous snake then you should go to a doctor right away, even if you don’t show symptoms at first.. One myth about snake bites is that it’s a great idea to suck out the venom so that it cannot damage your body as much as it would if you did not suck it out.. If you’ve been bitten by a venomous snake, then it is likely that there is already venom in your bloodstream seconds after the snake bites you.. Wrap a bandage around your wound and over the splint so that nothing gets in the wound and so your leg will have a better time staying straight.

Are you interested in how to get rid of snakes in your yard naturally?. Snakes can also be repelled through fence installation, applying natural repellent products, addressing rodent infestation, and avoiding excessive moisture.. One of the natural and creative ways to keep snakes out of your property is by making it less inviting to snakes.. Other snake repellent plants include pink agapanthus, lemongrass, snakeroot, garlic, Andrographis paniculata, and garlic.. Rocks and scattered debris within your yard will provide ample hiding spots for snakes and other pests.

The snake with the deadliest venom in my area is the coral snake, with its bright red, yellow, and black bands.. Plus, the way this bite was on top of my foot I knew it couldn’t be a coral snake.. South African venomous snakes (28 page document with 10 extremely deadly snakes in that region … including the Black Mamba; nice photos and detailed descriptions) Venomous Snakes of Nepal (86 page document with beautiful photos covering kraits, cobras, king cobras, coral snakes, bipers, and pit vipers) SNAKES: Pictorial Key to Venomous Species in United States (4 page document with very detailed line drawings of snake heads and how to identify venomous snakes; the main takeaway from all this is that it is important to be familiar with the snakes that share your neighborhood.). Since I didn’t see any snakes around, and I didn’t want to spend a ton of time looking for the snake (and you shouldn’t, either), I walked back to the house.. Our Lawyer Wants You to Read This Big, Bad Medical Disclaimer –> The contents of this article, made available via The Grow Network (TGN), are for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice; the content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.. Tags: Affiliate , amazon associate , cactus , herbal medicine , herbal remedy , prickly pear , snake bite This post was written by Marjory Wildcraft

With this arsenal of ingredients, you will have no problem making an effective snake repellent.. Sprinkle the mixture around the edge of your property and house, and the snakes will slither away.. Onion Spray as a Homemade Snake Repellent. Boil the water in a small saucepan.. Add the garlic and onion to the water and let boil for about five minutes.. This essentials oil recipe works on all types of snakes, making it an excellent go-to homemade snake repellent.. The water will not dilute the oils, so be sure to shake the spray bottle before each use.. Several snake repellent plants help keep snakes out of your yard.. To protect your chicken coop, remove bird seed from the area and keeping rodents and snakes out by installing a snake-proof fence around the perimeter.

In this guide, we’ll go over what you need to know about snake bite first aid – including prevention, snake identification, wound treatment, and evacuation.. There are a few easy rules to follow to make this call:. That’s why, as you’ll see in the guidelines below, keeping the wound immobile and the victim calm is the most important thing you can do to prevent a situation from going from bad to worse.. Make sure the scene is safe.. The only thing worse than a snake bite is two snake bites.. As if we can’t drill this point home enough – the most important thing you can do to treat a snake bite is to seek professional medical care.. Snake bites?. Now we’re not entirely sure where this idea came from, but it seems that more than a few people think that using jumper cables, tasers, or other methods of electrical shock on a snake bite will neutralize the venom and stop the problem.. We gave you a step-by-step guide for how to care for a snake bite victim on the trail while you get to safety, and we went over some of the common myths for bite treatments.

Pain and itching in the bitten area Redness, accompanied by swelling Lumpy welts form around the affected area Burning sensation may be caused by certain insect bites. Baking soda is a simple and easy home remedy for insect bites and it is preferred for its antibacterial properties that help neutralize the toxic effects of insect bites.. Lemon juice is rich in citric acid, which acts on the skin and makes the bitten area numb to the severe itching caused by an insect bite.. Applying Tea Tree oil on an insect bite site has a soothing effect and controls the severe itching and helps get relief from the pain as well.. Applying basil leaf paste on an insect bite area helps detoxify and remove the harmful toxic effect some insect bites tend to have.

A bite from a venomous snake is called “envenomation.” These snake bites occur 7,000 to 8,000 times a year in the U.S. Of those, around five people will die from venomous snake bites.. It’s critical to get immediate medical attention after a venomous snake bite.. Snake bite symptoms may vary depending on what type of snake bit you.. Just as a person may be allergic to insect bites and stings, some people may also have an allergy to snake bites and venom.. Rattlesnake bite symptoms are the same as other venomous snake bite symptoms and include:. Like other venomous snake bites, water moccasin bite symptoms include:. Symptom of coral snake bites include:. Keep any clothing that may have a snake’s venom on it since it may help healthcare providers identify the type of snake that bit you.. Since it is sometimes impossible to know whether your snake bite is venomous or non-venomous, always treat every bite as a medical emergency .. Non-venomous snake bites are known as “dry bites.” While these bites can be extremely painful, once a healthcare provider evaluates them, they do not require antivenom.. If a snake bites you, treat the bite as though it could be venomous and seek medical attention right away.. In addition, venomous snake bites can result in neurological symptoms, including a metallic taste, dizziness, heart rhythm changes, tingling, and trouble breathing.. Even if you think you know the snake that bit you is non-venomous, you should treat every snake bite as a medical emergency and seek help right away.

” Mosquito bites are probably the most common bug bites, but, unfortunately, there are also bedbug bites, which we see most commonly after traveling,” Katy Burris, MD , a board-certified dermatologist in the Department of Dermatology at Columbia University Medical Center in New York City, tells LIVESTRONG.com.. There are plenty of over-the-counter drugs you can take to relieve symptoms such as itching and inflammation, but if you’re not a big fan of pharmaceutical drugs (or can’t get to the store), there are also some natural remedies for bug bites that you probably already have in your home.. “Apply a small amount of it to a cotton ball, and then gently dab it onto the bite and allow it to dry,” Dr. Mokaya says.. Dr. Mokaya recommends cutting a small part of the plant to obtain the gel, then applying it to the irritated areas for bug bite relief.. If you have many bites, she recommends taking an oatmeal bath by sprinkling a cup of ground oats into a bathtub full of warm water and soaking in it for 15 to 20 minutes, rubbing some of the clumps of oatmeal gently into your skin.. “Garlic can help bring down swelling, Dr. Mokaya says, but you shouldn’t apply it directly to your skin.. “Unlike garlic, which has to be mixed with oil to prevent it from irritating the skin, onion can be applied directly on the bug bite.”. Brew up some chamomile tea, take out the teabag, let it cool and then apply it to the affected area to help stop bug bites from itching naturally.. Dr. Mokaya says this essential oil has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties as well, so it may help heal bug bites.. But it’s true: “Milk has soothing effects and can help your bug bite,” Dr. Mokaya says.

Even if a snake doesn’t attack the chicken coop then also chickens will try to who kill the snake because snakes are threat to their eggs as a result chicken will keep snakes away from your garden and if you have many chickens in your garden then they will attack big snakes to keep them away.. If snakes enters your house or your garden then make sure to spray clove oil or cinnamon oil directly on the snake to get rid of the snakes.. Snake will run away from that area after applying clove oil and cinnamon oil so, make sure to spray these oils from the back side of the snake as snakes tends to run on the opposite side from where these is sprayed.. Predator pee like Fox pee, Mongoose pee are really effective snake repellent as these animals can kill snakes so snakes are actually scared of these animals.. If you are scared of snakes and you feel overwhelmed when you see a snake e then you should immediately call a professional without trying to do it yourself because snakes can be venomous and if you take a wrong step in handling them it can become a life threatening situation.. What To Do If A Snake Or Snakes Enters Your House?

The exact number is hard to gauge, because many bites are mild and require no treatment.. Like Hayes, I have long been a fan of legless reptiles.. “Take two steps back, Jack,” Hayes tells kids when teaching them about reptile safety.. Here’s the thing—none of these remedies work, and they often cause more damage.. “There’s only one viable treatment currently, and that is going to a hospital and getting antivenom,” Hayes says.. In all likelihood, you will never receive a snakebite that requires antivenom treatment.

Snakes keep rodent populations under control, with a single snake able to eat 3 to 4 mice at one time.. Napthalene: Napthalene is a common ingredient found in many commercial snake repellent products.. It is one of the most common snake repellents.. Place mothballs in holes, cracks, crevices, or any other areas around your property where snakes may be a problem.. Place powdered sulfur around your home and property and once snakes slither across it, it irritates their skin so they won’t return.. Lime: Create a mixture of snake repellent lime and hot pepper or peppermint and pour it around the perimeter of your home or property.. If home remedies to keep snakes away aren’t working, consider calling a wildlife control company for snake removal, snake prevention recommendations, and possibly other exterminating services like rodent control that could be contributing to the issue.

That Bites!. When a rattlesnake strikes & emergency clinics are far away, homeopathy saves the day. Don didn’t know I was a physician and homeopath, but I came right over with my emergency remedy kit and explained this to him.. Bob was clearly not doing well.. I instructed Don to alternate the two remedies by giving Bob a spoonful from one or the other cup every five minutes for a total of four doses (two of each remedy).. Furthermore, different antivenoms are required to address the bites of different species of snakes (although there is one antivenom product that works against all North American poisonous snakebites, except that of coral snakes).. Antivenom is the standard of care in snakebite treatment in the U.S., and as a result, fewer than 5 or 6 people a year die from snakebites.. If antivenom is needed, knowing the type of snake can be of great help since different antivenoms are used for different snakebites.. The more pain and the more rapid and extensive the swelling, the more serious the bite reaction is and the more venom that was likely injected.. Useful for puncture wounds, especially when the wound feels cold and is relieved from cold applications.. Only change to a different remedy when you observe no further effect of the remedy being given or when new symptoms appear–as with any condition under homeopathic care.

Since I don’t like snakes, but I think I like chemicals even less , I needed to find natural ways for how to get rid of snakes.. All of these repellents can help keep snakes out of things you do not want them in, but it will not kill them… leaving them to eat all the small rodents their slithering selves can consume… which, in my opinion, is a win-win.. Not only is it beautiful and easy to grow, it repels mosquitos, ticks, and also helps repel snakes.. You’ll want to plant lemongrass around the perimeter of the area to keep snakes away.. You can use the spray in any area you want to repel snakes away from.. Weeding can be a lot of work and time-consuming, but it keeps the snakes (and rodents) away.. Check your home for cracks, broken screens, and such to make sure the snakes can’t find a way to slither inside your home.. With the snakes anyway.. Just whatever you use, make sure the lid fits well, and try not to sprinkle too much feed all over the ground if your chickens aren’t going to eat it.. If you have fox indigenous to your area, go get some urine from the local sporting goods or farm store and spread it wherever you don’t want snakes.. You can also use cedar shavings in places that are prone to snake problems so long as you don’t have livestock in those areas.. So, if you find yourself with a snake problem and they’re getting into these areas on your property, put some vinegar in to help keep them out.

Snake-derived homeopathic remedies are a prime example of the homeopathic principle “like cures like.” This is where a substance, like venom, often has harmful and even deadly effects, but when it is highly diluted, it becomes a very powerful homeopathic remedy.. To make a homeopathic remedy from a snake, venom is obtained from a live snake through a process of milking the reptile.. Fresh or dried snake venom is then triturated into lactose sugar to make homeopathic remedies like Crotalus, Naja, Elaps, Bothrops, Crotalus cascavella , or Cenchris.. In the case of the bushmaster snake, the milked venom is dissolved in alcohol, and then repeatedly diluted and succussed to create the homeopathic remedy Lachesis.. The homeopathic remedy Crotalus is made from the venomous rattlesnake.

To catch the snakes, you will need to hide the traps close to where you’ve seen the snakes before.. Snakes don’t have much fondness for ammonia, so if you spray it around your house, then it will deter snakes.. So, if you find any inside your house, most probably it’s a sign of a garter snake inside.. In fact, they can know if you have actually a snake in your house by hearing a snake far from the distance.. Simply saying, there isn’t any difference between garter snakes and garden snakes.. Since garter snakes are commonly seen in the gardens, homeowners began referring to them as “garden” snakes.. And this is when garter snakes started getting the name “garden snakes”.

Snakes commonly involved in poisonings include the elapids, vipers, and sea snakes.. Prevention of snake bites can involve wearing protective footwear, avoiding areas where snakes live, and not handling snakes.. Most life threatening snake bites are caused by poisonous snakes.. As humans are far too large for a venomous snake to eat, most snake bites occur when the snake is provoked into acting in self-defence.. Snake bites that involve foreign (exotic) snakes kept as pets usually occur when someone handles or ‘plays’ with them, often after drinking too much alcohol or taking recreational drugs.. Careless roaming in snake infested areas, forests without safety gadgets is danger – increases snake biting probability.. The symptoms of a venomous snakebite depend on the type of toxin(s) secreted into the bite or puncture wound, and in part, on how much toxin is present in the tissue.. Identification of the snake helps emergency health care professionals to both anticipate the potential symptoms, and it allows for more rapid and appropriate treatment of the venomous snake bite.. A detailed description of the snake, a picture of the snake, or the snake itself (ideally dead!). It is very necessary to treat the snake bite immediately even though some snakes are less poisonous.. When the snake bites, it is better to observe which type of snake it is as medicines are also different for different snake bites.

Natural oils, like tree tea oil and lavender oil can do wonder if applied on bug bites.. Apply some Preparation H on the nasty bug bite.. Apply it on the bitten area, and the bite will heal in a day.. Ledum palustre: If a bug bite left the swelling, which extends from the infected area to some distance, this remedy can help you out.. Additionally, if you start to develop a fever shortly after getting a bug bite or even the day after, then this may be related to the bug bite.


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