Zero-G Hose Leaking at Connection (How To Fix a Zero-G Hose) (2022)

It is hit or miss. There seems to be a problem with the blue-colored zero-G hoses. Some leak and some do not. It is going to be hit and miss with that color of hose as the black ones seem to be better made and last longer than the blue ones do. Some only last two years before they start leaking.

The only real solution to this problem is to replace those blue zero-G hoses. If they are leaking at the connection, there is little you can do. The source of the problem may be the company that makes these hoses. You can try to use other colored hoses that are water safe instead of the blue ones.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can find the right hose for your RV. You do not have to use blue zero-G hoses, there are substitutes that work just as well.

Fixing a Zero-G Hose 101

What is a Zero-G Hose?

Can Zero-G Hoses Be Repaired?

(Video) How to Repair a leaking Zero-G Hose END

Common Zero-G Hose Problems

Zero-G Hose Leaks

 What is a Zero-G Hose? 

Zero-G Hose Leaking at Connection (How To Fix a Zero-G Hose) (1)

(Video) Zero G flex hose leaking out of the box

New RV owners may not be aware of this product. Zero-G is a brand name for a regular hose that allows you to transport water from the source to your RV. It is like a garden hose but made with different materials.

Those materials make it lightweight, kink-resistant, puncture, leak, and abrasion-resistant as well. It is supposed to provide safe drinking water. The tru-flex inner core is supposed to make it wind up a lot easier as well.

This hose is made by TeknorApex and it is supposed to be an improvement over the traditional garden hose. The hose comes in several colors in case you have multiple applications for it.

 Can Zero-G Hoses Be Repaired? 

According to the TeknorApex website, its FAQ section, you can repair the coupling. Their instructions tell you to replace the current faulty coupling with a coupling that is a bit smaller than the hose diameter. For example, if your hose size is 3/4” then you should replace it with a 5/8” coupling.

If the hose is 5/8”, then a half-inch coupling is required. A 1/2” hose would require a 3/8” coupling. Then, you may try a hose mender kit to help you solve any problems you have with the hose.

In short, there are fixable problems and there are unfixable ones. Some owners have found black mold growing inside the hose. This bacteria grew during the storing time and unless you pour bleach down the hose, you are not going to get rid of that mold.

Most owners just throw the hose away when that happens. Then they go out and buy a new one. The reason the mold may grow is that the hose is not stored properly and all the water does not get drained out.

You would have to hang the hose up by one end to let the water drain. There are some good hose repair kits you can buy that will work on this brand of hose.

 Common Zero-G Hose Problems 

Zero-G Hose Leaking at Connection (How To Fix a Zero-G Hose) (2)

We have been able to find only 3 common problems that have occurred with this hose. The reviews we have looked at are mostly 100% positive about the hose and do not list many problems that may occur.

Owners are a different story though. While this hose is said to be leak-resistant, one of the biggest problems owners have had is leaking. Not the black-colored Zero-G hose option but the blue-colored one. That may be a design defect or sloppy manufacturing or some other reason.

Another common issue has been mold. The owners have called it black mold but when it is present you should not be using that hose. Most owners have decided to throw the affected hose away and buy new. They were not interested in pouring bleach down the hose and killing the mold.

The final common problem we came across was that it is said the hose does not last long. For a hose rated to withstand 600+PSI and 1800 lbf, this is surprising news. Everything we have read in our research points to this hose being a miracle product.

(Video) Zero-G Hose Fail! Also, What is Inside this Hose?!

For some reason, the hose’s lifespan is very short. The hose is also supposed to be lead-free making it safe to use as a drinking water hose. The company says this in spite of also saying in its support pages that you should not drink from a hose.

Their reasons were:

– mold growth

– animal waste

– stagnate water

– insects and more harmful elements

 Zero-G Hose Leaks 

There is a simple way to fix a zero-G hose when it starts to leak. Most of the leaks occur at the coupling and it should only take a few minutes to make the repair. Those few minutes take place after you return from the store with your new hose repair kit.

The first step is to cut the old coupling off. It is a lot easier to do this than to try to remove the old coupling. You are not losing a lot of hose with this step so do not worry about it.

The second step is for you to take the new coupling and insert the hose inside the base. Step, three has you putting the other half of the coupling over the hose and crimping it shut. Just do not close too hard when you do this step.

That should solve your leaking problem. So far, the complaints about leaking have been about the blue hose only. Most owners have said they have had no problem with the black-colored one.

 Zero-G Hose Leaking At Connection 

Zero-G Hose Leaking at Connection (How To Fix a Zero-G Hose) (3)

Due to the construction and the materials used to make this hose, you should find most of your leaks at the coupling. We have already given two sets of instructions on how to fix this problem earlier in this article.

Just take your time as you do not want the new couplings to leak after you are done. Make sure to do a test when you have installed the new coupling to make sure it is not leaking. If it does, you may have to repeat those steps and seal the hose and coupling a lot better.

(Video) Zero G hose is leaking at hose bib end, fail, bad

Some zero-G hoses will get cuts in them and to fix those leaks, you should buy a hose repair kit and seal those cuts up tight. If your store does not have a hose repair kit, a tire repair kit should work as well. Follow the instructions on the kit to do a good repair job.

 How To Repair a Zero-G Hose 

This set of instructions will be for any cuts that happen in the hose. We have already told you how to repair the leak at the coupling. The materials you need to use should all be included in the hose or tire kit you bought for cuts.

Step one has you letting the water run through the line to find where the leak is. Once you have found it, make a hole in the hose liner to gain access to the cut. Next, use the materials in your repair kit.

Some of these kits may have you using a vinyl paste or a repair patch. Make sure to follow all instructions that come with the kit. Let the glue or paste dry before placing some heavy tape over the area you cut. A tire repair kit may have different applications so read the instructions carefully.

 Zero-G Hose Male End Repair 

Zero-G Hose Leaking at Connection (How To Fix a Zero-G Hose) (4)

There are good repair kits that come with both male and female connections. The repair for the male end is not that difficult. You may need a 12mm hex head wrench to do the repair work.

At least with some of these repair kits. The easiest method is to cut off the old male end and start with a fresh piece of hose. Make sure to buy the couplers in the right size and we provided those instructions earlier in the article.

The O ring washer should be included in these kits as well. Follow the instructions on the kit to make sure you get the repair done right. This is not going to be a difficult repair to do. Be careful as most replacement parts are made of plastic and can easily be damaged.

 Some Final Words 

Zero-G hoses are supposed to be a good brand name. The hoses are a bit more expensive than other hose brands. The reason for that is the construction materials, the technology involved, and the design of the hose.

While these hoses can be stored easily, it is best to make sure they are hung up first. That way you can stop mold from growing by draining all the water out. If you store your RV, check those hoses for mold growth to be on the safe side.


How do you fix a leaky zero hose? ›

How to Repair a leaking Zero-G Hose END – YouTube

Can a Zero G hose be repaired? ›

Here is how you can fix a cut or hole in your Zero-G hose: Run some water through the hose to figure out where the cut is. Cut a hole in the hose liner so you can access the spot with the cut. Use your repair kit to patch the hole.

How do I stop my hose connector from leaking? ›

How to Fix Leaking Hoselink Hose Fittings – YouTube

Why does my hose leak at the connector? ›

If your hose leaks where it connects to the spigot, it’s most likely caused by a worn gasket, stripped adapter, or leaking connector. Connection problems usually cost between $2 and $20 to fix.

How do you fix a hose end? ›

How To Replace A Hose End – YouTube

How do you fix a pocket hose? ›

Expandable Hose (e.g. Pocket Hose) Repair Kit – YouTube

Can you repair expandable hose? ›

A damaged expandable garden hose is repairable. While a patchwork tactic will work in the short term, it will likely re-tear once high pressure is forced through the tubing. A permanent solution is to break the hose and use connectors to join them back together.

What is the warranty on a Zero-G hose? ›

We’re proud to offer you a lifetime warranty on our products. If your product ever has any manufacturing or workmanship defects, tears in half, or your Mylar authentication piece falls out we will replace it. We want you to feel confident and secure that when you invest in Zero Gravity™ products.

Can you pressure wash Zero-G hose? ›

zero-G 4001-50 Lightweight, Ultra Flexible, Durable, Kink-Free Garden Hose. The hose itself is perfect for use with pressure washers or other high-pressure accessories as it will withstand the force of the water rushing through it.

Why is my new hose leaking? ›

If your hose is leaking from either of the fitting ends, you most likely have a bad gasket (or rubber washer) that is really easy to replace. In some cases, you may even be missing the gasket. Over time they can warp and fall out without you even noticing, so check to see if one is present.

Can you seal a rubber hose? ›

Don’t wrap it too tightly or the hose will crease and the tape won’t seal. Option 2 – Use rubber cement for tears and punctures. Dry and clean the area and apply rubber cement to and around the hole. Fill in the hole, but not so much that it gets inside the hose.

The source of the problem may be the company that makes these hoses.. This hose is made by TeknorApex and it is supposed to be an improvement over the traditional garden hose.. Their instructions tell you to replace the current faulty coupling with a coupling that is a bit smaller than the hose diameter.. A 1/2” hose would require a 3/8” coupling.. Then, you may try a hose mender kit to help you solve any problems you have with the hose.. There are some good hose repair kits you can buy that will work on this brand of hose.. While this hose is said to be leak-resistant, one of the biggest problems owners have had is leaking.. The hose is also supposed to be lead-free making it safe to use as a drinking water hose.. Those few minutes take place after you return from the store with your new hose repair kit.. So far, the complaints about leaking have been about the blue hose only.. Due to the construction and the materials used to make this hose, you should find most of your leaks at the coupling.. (Video) Zero G hose is leaking at hose bib end, fail, bad. Some zero-G hoses will get cuts in them and to fix those leaks, you should buy a hose repair kit and seal those cuts up tight.. If your store does not have a hose repair kit, a tire repair kit should work as well.. The hoses are a bit more expensive than other hose brands.

In addition to having some device such as scissors to cut out the broken or leaking section of hose, you will also need vice grips, duct tape, a ½” coupling, hose clamps, and soap.. Once you find the hole, or holes, in the hose, you will need to take duct tape to mark the hole.. Once the hole has been identified and marked, then you need to turn off the water.. It’s impossible to work with an expandable hose and to try to make any repairs if the water is still turned on.. Before cutting the hose in half, it’s a good idea to use vice grips on either side of where you will be cutting, as otherwise the interior core of the hose can easily slip back inside the cover, making it difficult to repair.. Make sure to place the vice grips a few inches apart, as this will allow you to easily locate the hole and start working.. Once the vice grips are in place then you can cut through the hose in an effort to locate the hole.. Once the section of the hose that has the hole has been cut out, then the ends of the hose need to be cut at an angle.. If the coupling is too large then it will not easily fit into the cut ends of the hose.. Once the coupler has been inserted into the hose, then you must use the two hose clamps to keep the coupler firmly in place.. Now that the hose has been repaired, it is necessary to turn the water back on to make sure that there aren’t any other holes and that the coupling is in place.

A leak garden hose is a waste of water as well.. Find out if the leak is in the middle of where the hose is connected to the faucet.. Most leaks can be fixed and I will tell you how to fix the leaking garden hose connector.. So now, I will tell you the steps you will need to follow to fix your garden hose connector.. So let’s see the content on how to fix a leaking garden hose connector .. Replace the rubber hose washer inside the female end of the connector.. I will suggest you use a hose repair kit that contains two hose clamps and the connector which is more reliable.. Of the hose.. That female connector can leak just behind where the female part turns on the brass collar when tightening to a male faucet or mail hose connection of the hose.

This is the reason most gardeners buy a water hose to assist them water their gardens.. Check to see that the water hose can withstand high water pressure without bursting.. If you want a hose pipe that allows high pressure, choose those with high burst ratings but if you want a medium burst rating keep it around 350 to 400 psi.. Vinyl material is less durable and has too many kinks leading to folds and tears in the pipe.. The vinyl material has less power bursting rating.. The rubber material is more reliable and resistant to kink and tear.. Rubber is able to withstand the rough terrain because it is thicker and has more power bursting rate.. It is made from rubber and very durable.. 50% Lightweight – Zero-G is light in weight and carrying it across the garden or wheeling it on a trolley is quite easy compared to other hoses.. This means the hose is perfect for both gardening and commercial purposes and can withstand heavy terrain or rough ground.. Zero-G has a high-pressure rate without bursting.

Low-Cost Quick Fix with E6000 Glue What You Need 2-Pack of E6000 Craft Adhesive Step One: Identify the Source of the Leak and Mark It Step Two: Expose the Area Needing Repair Step Three: Apply the Adhesive in Two Coats Step Four: Cover with Self-Adhesive Tape and Repair the Outer Layer Step Five: Test Your Repaired Hose with Water. Permanent Fix with an Expandable Hose Repair Kit What You Need Mudder Expandable Hose Repair Kit with Hose Shut-Off Valve and Rubber Gaskets Step One: Identify the Source of the Leak and Clamp Hose Step Two: Remove the Damaged Portion of the Garden Hose Step Three: Install the Hose Fittings Step Four: Repair the Nylon Outer Cover Step Five: Test Your Repaired Hose with Water. Image Credit: pixelshot on CanvaCarefully cut back the outer protective layer of your expandable garden hose at the location of your leak.. Whether you are experiencing a leak from a hole in the tubing of your garden hose or the connector located at one end of the hose, the best approach to repair your hose is with an expandable hose repair kit.. If the hole is located somewhere along the body of the hose, keep the water running so that the hose is fully expanded and carefully clamp the hose on each side of the damaged area.. As with the quick fix, you want to take the time to test your hose by connecting it to a water source once again to ensure that you have repaired everything correctly and there are no additional damaged areas.

However, there is no need to call a professional for this job if you know how to fix leaking garden hose connector by yourself.. They are necessary for preventing leaks from hose connectors.. If you notice your garden hose pipe properly, you will see a faucet attaching to the connectors with a packing nut.. The hose end fittings often wear out and cause leaks in the hose connector.. Generally, we use hose connectors to connect a hose with the water source or attach any extra nozzles.. Among the connections of a hose pipe, nozzles are often seen leaking due to loose fitted or worn-out connectors which are attached to it.. When the hose connector is loosely connected with the pipe, it may leak water.. Leak-proof hose fittings are a game-changer for preventing leaks from hose connectors.. On the other hand, freezing water pressurizes the connectors in the winter season that weakens the hose, and thus leak occurs.. For carrying your hose from the garage to the garden, hose carts are more than useful.. Without a hose cart, the hose might get stuck in any sharp object or equipment on the way to the garden that damages the pipe and the connectors.. Now that you know how to fix leaking garden hose connector, the next time this problem occurs, you will be able to fix it quickly.

Water hose generally comes in a lot of lengths ranging from 25ft to 100ft.. It would help if you also looked for your pipe’s burst rating to know how durable it will turn out to be.. The Zero-G hose is an upmarket water hose, which is relatively better than many water hoses in many aspects.. While regular water hoses have around 350psi burst rating, the zero-g hose has a burst rating of whooping 600psi.. This makes it the right choice for commercial uses.. The Zero-G hose is made of rubber and not of vinyl.. For purchasing a Zero-G hose of 50ft length, you will have to pay around $50.. This is a lot considering the price you had to pay.. Above are some of the benefits of purchasing a Zero-G hose.

To stop a hose connector leaking from the faucet, or to fix a leaking connector further down the hose, buy a pack of rubber hose seals from your local hardware store.. Rubber hose seals (aka garden hose washers, gaskets, or O-rings) will be round, about an inch wide, and made of rubber.. New hoses come with new seals but yours may have disintegrated or just fallen out when you took the hose off for winter.. If your hose is leaking at a connection further down the hose, for example where two hoses are connected, then turn off the water.. Simply insert the new hose end into the old, cut hose, then position the clamp and tighten it down with a couple of screws.. If the new hose end just won’t go into the hose, try some dishwashing soap to help smooth the way.. Your local hardware, garden supply or online store will have several compression fit hose menders (or hose couplings) for sale.. If the new hose pieces simply can’t be forced into the hose, try some dishwashing soap along the outside.. Take a medium thick rubber band and twist it twice or so around the outside of the male hose, below the hose threads.. Turns out, if you have a leak in your garden hose, your best, tried and true method is cutting out that section and using a hose mender, as mentioned above.. So it turns out that fixing leaking hose connectors and holes in the hosepipe itself is not too difficult – and it certainly no reason to go out and buy a complete new hose.. But remember – if you want to create a lasting fix that seals the leaking connectors for good, then just don’t use duct tape or any of the other hose repair tapes.. Stick to rubber hose seal for connector leaks and electrical tape for small holes in the hose, and your leaks should become a thing of the past.

When it comes to choosing a garden hose, most individuals tend to just purchase the cheapest garden hose or the one that looks the best.. Here, we’ll be providing a detailed review of the Zero-G water hose – one of the most popular hoses in the market.. If you plan on using the garden hose for a deck or balcony, a 25-foot garden hose usually works just fine.. Most home yards only need a 50-foot hose, and if you need something longer, you can consider connecting two hoses instead of lugging around a heavier longer hose.. Now that you’ve got a better idea of what you should look for when it comes to purchasing a garden hose let’s delve into the review of the Zero-G hose.. Carrying a hose around the garden can be incredibly tiring, and the Zero-G hose has managed to resolve that issue by creating a product that’s half the weight of a regular hose.. Kinking is usually a problem with hoses that aren’t made of the right material, but that’s not something you’d need to worry about with the Zero-G hose.. Even though the Zero-G hose may be a little more expensive than your regular garden hose, it’s still significantly cheaper than a commercial-grade hose.. Another fantastic garden hose is this GrowGreen garden hose that can expand up to three times its size when under water pressure.

Pesky pinholes are often only visible to the eye when you connect the water and spot small, geyser-like spurts of water from the punctured section of the hose.. Turn off the water, disconnect the hose, and wipe it dry with a rag.. Reconnect the hose to the spigot or a spray nozzle and turn on the water to verify that you’ve solved the problem.. Turn off the water, disconnect the hose, and remove the torn section with a hose cutter or garden shears .. Turn off the water, disconnect the leaky hose end, and use needle-nose pliers to pull out the existing gasket inside the coupling on that hose end.. Use your fingers to push the new gasket inside the hose coupling.. A bent coupling loses the watertight seal between the hose and a spigot, nozzle, or sprinkler, causing a leak.. There are two types of couplings: female (e.g., Nelson Female Hose Repair, available on Amazon ) connects to the spigot and male (e.g., Nelson Male Hose Repair, available on Amazon ) connects to a nozzle or sprinkler.. Turn off the water, disconnect the hose, and remove the entire bent coupling with a hose cutter.. Connect the hose to a spigot or nozzle and turn on the water to ensure the coupling doesn’t leak.. Existing creases in a hose can progress into cracks with exposure to high heat or if cold water inside the hose freezes.. If you must replace your hose , choose one made of rubber instead of vinyl.

This means that the Zero-G hose is easy to maneuver and transport, making it the perfect portable hose for camping.. Teknor Apex has covered all the standard hose lengths in their Zero-G hose range, starting at a standard 25 ft and including 50 ft, 75 ft, and 100 ft options.. G-Force Jacket The G-Force jacket used to cover the core of the Zero-G hose is what gives this hose its superior strength and durability.. This is a crucial feature for outdoor hoses that will be exposed to the elements, but especially important for camping hoses, from which the water will be drunk.. Therefore, the corrosion-resistant Zero-G hose couplings make this hose an ideal choice for camping.. This is an even greater risk in the case of hoses used for camping, as these hoses will often be responsible for filling water tanks and directly providing drinking water.. This makes the Zero-G hose ideal as a camping hose because you can be sure that the water flowing through it is not contaminated.. This is a great feature in a gardening hose since these hoses often come into contact with fertilizer, but it’s especially useful in a camping context, where the hose may be exposed to even more powerful chemicals such as gasoline.. Whether you’re a camper looking for a safe and practical hose to fill up your water tank, or a gardener hoping to make your watering tasks that much easier, the Zero-G hose could be the answer.. This review will cover the main features of the Zero-G hose, as well as the most important additional features, so you can make an informed decision as to whether this is the right hose for you.

Kink-resistant, lead-free, and offering excellent water pressure, it offers quite a bit of value.. Available at 25 feet, 50 feet, and 100 feet, this hose offers more length options than many others Because it’s made out of fiber materials instead of vinyl, it’s a lot more lightweight than many hoses Unlike many hoses, this hose is completely kink-resistant Whereas some hoses can contaminate drinking water, the lead-free construction of this hose makes it completely safe to drink out of Possessing extremely flexible construction , this hose is a lot easier to maneuver than many other hoses. For the first part of our Zero G review, we’ll talk a little about the hose’s lengths.. Unfortunately, there is no Zero G Hose 75ft.. This is standard water pressure for a hose of its size.. In essence, this garden hose offers standard, but reliable water pressure.. We’ll start by comparing it with the Joey’s Garden Garden Hose.. Where the Zero-G beats the Joey’s Garden is in water pressure.. The Joey’s Garden hose is designed only to water plants while the Zero-G can be used for a bevy of other purposes.. They possess very similar flexibility and durability.. The Joey’s Garden hose is a little less expensive, however.. In the end it comes down to water pressure and price.. In terms of water pressure, the Zero G Water Hose reviews favorably to the Joey’s Garden.. The last garden hose we’ll compare with the Apex Zero-G is the Tramarco Expanding Garden Hose.. One spot where the Zero-G beats the Tramarco is in water pressure.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to fix a leaking garden hose connector:. The hose repair kit comes with a male and female connector.. Garden hose connectors keep the connection solid and leak-free – they are typically made of plastic or brass and screw to one side of the hose.. Keep in mind most connectors come with a new hose end and a clamp with screws.. If this doesn’t work, place the hose in boiling water to soften any buildup within the connector.. Fix the right size connector to the hose and ensure a tight fit.. The connection between the faucet and garden hose comprises two connectors.. If you spot some leakage further down the hose, turn off the water and unscrew the hoses.. A general rule of thumb is never to fix a connector at a point where water is leaking from the hose.. Fixing a hose connector doesn’t have to be complicated – it’s certainly something you can do on your own.. For connector leaks, you should use a rubber hose seal.. Be sure to follow the steps on how to fix the leaking garden hose connector above and your hose leaks will become a thing of the past.


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